Bath Installation

You may think that all baths are the same and not much consideration is taken when it comes to choosing one. Well we disagree. Choosing the perfect bath is important and should be thought about carefully. You are in fact going to spend a great amount of time in one over the years and to most people having a bath needs to be a relaxing experience.

So let us make it easier for you by telling you about the baths that we supply and install.

Double ended baths – If you are a couple that like to share a bath then why not consider a double ended bath. Unlike a normal bath, both ends are the same width. The taps are located in the centre of the bath meaning that one of you is not going to have them poking in you while you are trying to relax.

Walk in bath – These baths are designed especially for older people or anyone that has a disability and finds it hard to get into and out of a normal bath. The integrated door can be on the right or the left of your bath making it easier to gain entry. You can choose from a wide range of stylish taps and shower screens that will suit any bathroom décor you may have.

Roll top bath – These baths have an elegant and sophisticated look about them that will suit any bathroom. They come in a number of different styles and even though they look expensive, they are extremely affordable.

Free standing bath – Our free standing bath tubs will create an amazing focal point to any bathroom. You can choose from the wide selection that we supply and fit. These include our slipper bath tubs, our double ended bath tub or our contemporary bath tubs.

Corner bath – Corner baths are a great idea if you have a small or awkward shape bathroom or if you would prefer a larger size bath to relax in. We have many different shape and size options on offer along with a wide selection of taps that will complement any bathroom.

Please take a look at our gallery to see our wide selection of baths.